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See if Nanjing can become the official third bicycle city

See if Nanjing can become the official third bicycle city

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At present, the International Self-Association has named two “bike cities”, namely Melbourne and Copenhagen, and Nanjing is striving to become the third “bike city”.

At present, the International Self-Association has named two “bike cities”, namely Melbourne and Copenhagen, and Nanjing is striving to become the third “bike city”.

On December 5th, the Nanjing Cycling Association was formally established. The association is committed to carrying out various types of mass bicycle competitions and exchanges, hosting or hosting high-level bicycle competitions, strengthening exchanges and cooperation with bicycle organizations at home and abroad, and actively promoting the popularization and promotion of bicycle sports in Nanjing.

From 2013, Nanjing will gradually introduce international roads, mountains, venues, BMX and other bicycle races. The first race is an international road cycling race to be held in Ningxia before October next year.

Starting in 2015, these four international cycling events will be held in Nanjing every year.

It is understood that in the international road cycling race, the highest level of the race is 2.0, such as the Tour de France, the Tournament; the professional team of any international competition reaches 90%, the competition specification is set to 2.1; if the professional team participates in the competition When it reaches 70%-80%, it is 2.2. The international road cycling race to be held next year in Nanjing is 2.2, which is the same level as last year's Tour of Taihu Lake. In addition, Nanjing City plans to build five bicycle-specific bicycle lanes, namely Xuanwu Lake Huanhu Road, Zhongshan Mausoleum Ring Road, Pukou Laoshan Huanshan Road, Xianlin University City Ring Road and the surrounding route of Zhongshan Scenic Area. At present, the municipal government is planning to combine the construction of bicycle lanes with urban greenway planning. The 1000-kilometer green vagina planned in the urban area includes urban main roads, green scenery roads on the riverside riverside, and green roads in country parks. In order to encourage more citizens to participate in cycling, Nanjing will also launch a number of public bicycles at subway stations and bus stations to build a number of bicycle clubs and build a number of bicycle lanes.